Freedom, and hanging out with my sons ...

Have you ever been in a house with three young boys running around? Sam could tell you all about it: he and his wife have three rambunctious, energetic young men to watch over every day, and they love it.

Sometimes, like when you depend on glasses for clear vision, boys and sports and having fun just doesn't work. Now however, Sam can sing a different tune. "My boys just love horsing around, and I love it too, but it was always difficult for me to get down on the floor and wrestle and play-fight with them because I had to remind them to watch out for my glasses.

Now I don't have to worry about it. I can get down on the floor and roll around with them, or go play hockey with friends, or just something as simple as watch tv without worrying.

It's great to have that freedom again.

Sam's children love the fact that Daddy can now playfight without glasses.

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