Freedom, and a good read ...

Marco is a recent university grad, and long hours in the library are rarely fun, but even less fun when you spend that time constantly adjusting your glasses. Contact lenses could even be worse; long hours of reading cause them to dry out and itch, and there is never an open drugstore around when you've run out of solution.

"Things are worlds different since I had the procedure with Dr. Misra. All those annoying little things that you thought were just a necessary evil are just gone. No more glasses with scratches on the lenses, no more contact lenses and carrying little bottles of solution with you everywhere.

Now, when I sit down for something more enjoyable than a university textbook to read, I can do it without my glasses slipping down the bridge of my nose every two minutes.

Just feels really good, really normal."

Marco's LASIK surgery allowed him to enjoy the simple things in life once again.

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